About the Author

For as long as Onix Dobarganes can remember, traveling and writing have been close to her heart. As a teenager, Onix was awarded an intercultural exchange scholarship, affording her the opportunity to study in Japan. Such an experience positively influenced Onix’s way of seeing the world, gaining a higher level of compassion, and a deep appreciation and respect for other cultures.

Professionally, Onix Dobarganes is a psychotherapist and mental health advocate. Following her graduate studies, Onix became an expert in the areas of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, high conflict divorce, parental alienation, foster care and immigration issues. She has been a leader in the field of Behavior Analysis, assisting children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in acquiring functional communication, social and adaptive skills, as well as coaching parents and caregivers of children with ASD and ADHD. Onix has advocated for thousands of children to achieve optimal emotional health.

During a plane ride from Europe, Onix began penning Lenny & Leah Explore Italy. After years of experiencing the uniqueness of the world firsthand and observing the imagination of children, she decided to create a series of travel stories aimed to educate children about diversity. In her own words, she describes the world and its inhabitants as a “giant crayon box of varying colors and shades, and that’s what [makes] it so special.”